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  • the guest
    The Guest – T-Shirts To Giveaway!
    August 31, 2014, No comments

    We have t-shirts to give away to celebrate the UK release of The Guest, in cinemas on 5 September. To win, simply [insert entry mechanic]. The Guest is a psychological thriller starring former Downton […]

  • warrior-king-2-EaC-4
    WIN! Warrior King 2! COMP!
    August 28, 2014, No comments

    To celebrate the release of “Warrior King 2” – the triumphant, breathtaking and action-packed return of modern martial arts star Tony Jaa in the high-octane sequel to the hugely successful […]

  • martin-freeman-the-hobbit
    The Hobbit Fan Fellowship Contest
    August 26, 2014, No comments

    Celebrating the end of the journey to bring The Hobbit Trilogy to the screen, Hobbit fans in the UK and Ireland and around the world will get their chance to compete to […]

  • prisoner-of-war-eac
    COMP TIME! Prisoner Of War! WIN!
    August 13, 2014, No comments

    From the producers of Traffic and Blood Diamond, Prisoner of War is a shocking and compelling war film based on true events at Abu Ghraib that shocked the world in […]

  • Tracks_DVD_2D
    Another Comp! Tracks On DVD! WIN!
    August 12, 2014, No comments

    From the Oscar winning producers of The King’s Speech and Shame, comes a remarkable true story of a young woman’s determination to face her fears and embark on an adventure. Follow the journey […]