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Patrick King has had short stories, essays, pop culture writing, and a novel published in various places in print and on online. As P.S. King, he's had two short scripts made into films. In addition to writing for BRWC, you can find him at The Retro Set ( or his personal blog, The Mugwump Corporation (

Der müde Tod

Der müde Tod or Destiny as it’s commonly called in English, is a silent film written by Fritz Lang and his wife Thea von


Written and directed by Danny Perez and starring Natasha Lyonne (American Pie, Orange is the New Black) and Chloë Sevigny (Kids, Boys Don’t Cry),

Essex Spacebin

Written and directed by David Hollinshead and Philip Thompson in their feature film debut, Essex Spacebin is a darkly funny movie in the Troma

Kill Your Darlings

In 2008, first-time director John Krokidas convinced Daniel Radcliffe to play Allen Ginsberg. The movie was called Kill Your Darlings, and it centred around

Legal Smuggling is a neat short film that illustrates an improvised monologue by the filmmaker Christine Choy about an adventure she had while trying to buy herself cheap cigarettes at a New York duty free shop.

Directed by NYU film student Lewie Kloster and animated by his younger brother Noah, Legal Smuggling is a neat short film that illustrates an

The Devil Lives Here

The Devil Lives Here is a Brazilian horror film first released in 2015 and now out on DVD and VOD from Artsploitation Films. It’s

Phantasm Remastered

Just when you start to think Don Coscarelli’s 1979 horror film Phantasm is going to be a conventional horror film, your expectations suddenly get