Marti Dols Roca
Marti Dols Roca 18POSTS

Born and bred in Barcelona, Martí lived in Italy before moving to London to finish his film studies. After graduating with distinction at the London Film School Screenwriting Masters, he has established himself in London where he has worked as: an au-pair (yup), an intern at Sayle Screen Talent Agency, a Sales Assistant at Entertainment One TV Intl, and a script and book reporter for Creative England and Penguin Random House amongst others. In the meantime, he has never stopped working on his own projects including: a novel and a comic book both represented by a Spanish agency, several feature scripts and his first professional short film (which takes place at the sea; personal advice: never, ever, shoot there…). Some of the films he loves are: The Godfather, Amarcord and Terminator 2 (yup).

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