Lauren Turner
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Lauren is an Australian who recently made the move to London, and she's interested in absolutely everything! She has a Business (Marketing)/Arts (Film & TV, Drama) degree, Lauren likes reading, writing and learning more about this great wild world.


This raw, uncompromising film feels less like a documentary and more like a genuine, prolonged observance in to somebody else’s life, as if the


Dir. Mark J. Blackman. Bookended by two definitions of the title word, Animus is a short, straightforward venture in to finding the strength to do


Dirs. John Musker & Ron Clements. I watched this movie right before I emigrated from my home country to the UK, literally the day before,

Captain Fantastic

Dir. Matt Ross One of those original stories that make a new window to see life through. Captain Fantastic is weird and awesome, and Viggo Mortensen

We Are X

A clashing orchestra of heartache, triumph and the absolute will to live and die on stage. We are X is a fascinating documentary - encompassing


Dir. Morten Tyldum A voyage to…somewhere. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence struggle to breathe this far out in space. The two actors were a good choice

Gone With The Wind

Dir. Victor Fleming, George Cukor, Sam Wood As far as epically sweeping movies go, spanning decades and intertwining many lives, GWTW is a true gem

Colin Hay – Waiting For My Real Life

Dir. Aaron Faulls, Nate Gowtham Colin Hay is one of the coolest things to come out of Scotland, apart from the bagpipes (being serious, bagpipes

I am Michael

An enticing story, even more intriguing by the fact that it’s true – I am Michael directed by Justin Kelly is finally getting a

Krisha (2016)

Krisha (Dir. Trey Edward Shults) is a symphony of anxiety and paranoia, told subjectively and flowing concurrently with the title character’s feelings and emotions.