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Kit is a Bristol-based writer and film fan. On occasion, he actually gets to combine those two interests, writing online reviews, essays and collections of mindless thoughts. Favourite film topics include screenwriting, arguing that the Star Wars Prequels are misunderstood masterpieces and the greatness of 70s Kung-Fu films. You can tweet your anger towards @KitRamsayisDead

The Voice In The Head

Tackling a question that at first seems blunt and unbelievable, The Voice in the Head proves that the central thesis question of “If sanity

The Disaster Artist

In 2013 a book named The Disaster Artist: My life inside The Room was released to the world, written by Greg Sestero and Tom

The Room LIVE

After nearly 14 years there’s not really much more than can be said about The Room, the bizarre chamber drama that’s widely regarded as

Trainspotting 2

T2: Trainspotting is a rare sequel these days in that it reintroduces you to characters you haven’t seen in a long time as if