George Chrysostomou
George Chrysostomou 6POSTS

Political analyst, film fanatic and all around geek, George studies Politics at the University of East Anglia where his filmography snobbery annoys everyone around. You'll find him either debating the greatest political problems facing our time, or whether Theon will make it past season 7.


Every few months cries of despair can be heard from the internet: people are going to get bored of superhero films, they’re all the


With the summer releases of Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets and War For The Planet Of The Apes it has become

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As we enter the wild time of year known as Comic Con, where movies, TV shows and games are sold to us through every

Enders Game 

Hollywood loves adaptations. Working from much loved and respected source material is sure to bring in a legion of pre-existing fans and brand new

Eddie Murphy

Kevin Hart, Russell Brand, Sacha Baron Cohen, Amy Schumar, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell. Countless comedians have made the transition from their stand up tours,

Jodie Whittaker Is The 13th Doctor

Federer beat Cilic in convincing fashion. Britain had its eyes glued to BBC 1 waiting for the grand entrance of the 13th incarnation of