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Wonder Woman

By Jess Devonport. For years, Joss Whedon’s uncommissioned Wonder Woman script was a parable of the internet, proof that Hollywood was trying marginalise female superheroes.

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A day well spent with my dear friends, movies and games! Sound exciting, isn’t it?Well, yes last Sunday is the day am talking about

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Many film-makers have used this theme in order to propel their hero’s into a life-defining journey. Ultimately transforming their character from a position where

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Few things stir an audience as much as a rousing battle sequence, something evidenced in the gloriously enjoyable The Great Wall, coming to Digital,

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Norman Oppenheimer (Richard Gere) is a ‘Fixer’ character, stuck on the margins of New York trying to gain entry into its inner workings through

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Probably all of the students would agree on one thing - studies can often be a great source of stress. Most of them would

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Jane Doe is the name given to a body of a deceased person who can’t be identified. In the brilliant chiller The Autopsy of

Martial Artist

Films have been focused on martial arts for a long time, and who can blame them? With talented men and women who are able

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Over the years there have been plenty of giant, terrifying beasts that have been concocted in the imaginations of some of the world’s greatest