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Catching the latest updates on new seasons, movies and the schedules of top networks and streaming services is quickly becoming an exciting thing to

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By Jason John.Critics love The Americans, the Cold War era television drama about KGB spies who masquerade as a suburban couple living just outside

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In the movies at least, it seems that every officer encounters that inexorable lure to the dark side. With the upcoming home entertainment release

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A Glimpse into Hollywood's Perennial Fascination with the Gambling Industry Few things have changed over the last couple of decades as much as Hollywood’s approach

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Today, media companies face three main industry obstacles: distribution, scalability and cost flexibility. Cloud computing can help media and entertainment companies manage these obstacles

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BRWC welcomes the guest writer Defector from Bad Movie – Bad Review busy themselves watching the worst and/or stupid movies in existence and then

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Adele won five awards at the latest Grammy Awards, the biggest music award that took place last Sunday (February 12) in Hollywood Casino, Los

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By Ellisha Izumi von Grunewald.T2 picks up some 20 years after the events of Trainspotting, catching up with its characters as they meet again,

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There’s nothing better than planning a movie night with your best friend. At times, when you need some quality moments with your best friend;