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James Bond

There is a certain type of cinema fan who, through love of a film, has as much fun spotting errors and picking it apart

London Has Fallen

Hollywood continues to tell the stories of great fictional leaders of all shapes and sizes.  Reflection on these men and women reminds us that

Game of Thrones

"Game of Thrones" is a worldwide sensation. No other show draws ratings, gasps and awe like "Game of Thrones" does. Only problem is you've

Claire Forlani Precious Cargo,

It’s difficult to hear Bruce Willis’ name without thinking: Die Hard; or picture Mark Paul Gosselaar as anything but 90’s sitcom heartthrob Zack Morris

Summer Blockbuster

By Ben Taylor. Look back a few decades, and you’ll find a series of summer classics, from “Back to the Future” (1985) to “Top Gun”

Eddie Mannix

From the inimitable Coen Brothers comes Hail, Caesar! The story follows a day in the life of Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin), a Hollywood Fixer

James Franco

By Emily von Hoffmann. Who is the most ubiquitous actor or actress right now? That’s a question often answered with a feeling — Michael Fassbender

Sci Fi

By Cassie. Ten years ago science fiction was the genre that everyone loved to rag on. While Star Wars was incredibly popular when released, it

The Violators 

By Donna Darling. The Violators is a thought provoking British drama, set on a Northern estate, which looks at the different relationships 15 year old


By Ben Taylor. With summer comes a familiar parade of cinematic tropes: the classic film reboot, the series that just won’t die, the ongoing, never-ending,

Independence Day: Resurgence

So, twenty years have passed since the original Independence Day battle between alien and man.  Earth may have won, but the invaders haven’t completely vanquished.

Bruce Willis

With a winning combination of movie star swagger, effortless charisma and a tongue planted firmly in his cheek, Bruce Willis has been entertaining audiences

Stanley Kubrick | Eyes Wide Shut

Praised by Heat magazine as “Sky 1’s finest home-grown drama ever,” The Five may be Harlan Coben’s first UK series, but the American superstar

Finding Dory

By James Connors. First things first, I feel I should get something off my chest. I didn't think Finding Nemo was the greatest Disney film of