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A Digital Marketing Consultant by trade with a passion for cinema that never goes out. Is known to be as equally obsessed with the latest big budget blockbuster as he is with the new indie low-fi gem. Proud Co-host of Sudden Double Deep: The Triple Bill Title Podcast.

Phantom Thread

There are very few directors whom I have absolute faith in. The sort of directors who take subject matters we know little about and

The Big Sick

I should preface this by saying that I am an unabashed Judd Apatow fan. I know that there seems to be a clear divide

The Disaster Artist

I was strangely against The Room at first. There were so many over the top 5 star reviews saying how it was awful but

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I just got home after the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse screening of Lost in London and a Q&A session afterwards with Woody Harrelson himself and

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This was reviewed at the Cambridge Film Festival, but it's up for some Oscars now

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Scorsese is a director I trust. More often than not he knocks stories out of the park so when he tackles a subject matter

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As soon as this movie began in the packed Cambridge Arts Picturehouse last night I started to smile because I could feel that I

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I have been obsessively thinking about this film since I saw it two days ago and only now do I feel fully prepared to

film reviews | movies | features | BRWC The Temptation Game: Review

In this modern world of dating apps and disposable relationships it is not uncommon to find yourself victim to people playing games. Although this