Angelique Halliburton 3POSTS

<p>There’s no rhyme or reason to Angelique’s film tastes. Her favourites include The Godfather, Child’s Play III, Coming To America, Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow, Hot Fuzz, Kill Bill: Vol 2, Ben Hur and Django Unchained. She gets incredibly excited about book-to-film adaptations – The Time Traveller’s Wife, Harry Potter (the entire lot) and The Help to name a few.</p>

Double Date

Besties Jim and Alex can’t believe their luck when they meet beautiful siblings Lulu and Kitty who appear to be up for absolutely anything.


Dina - An unlikely lesson in love An unconventional romantic tale, this documentary follows 48 year-old widow, Dina Buno, as she plans her low-key wedding

The Limehouse Golem

The Limehouse Golem - A Victorian-era whodunnit with a never-saw-it-coming twist As if the dreary London town of Limehouse hasn’t suffered enough, there’s now a