Wonder Woman Joins The Elite

Wonder Woman 2017

4) The Dark Knight Rises ($448 million)

With every iteration, Bruce Wayne seems to get ever more dour, miserable and reclusive, but this simply means that Anne Hathaway gets all the best lines. But while it might not be a banter-ridden gag fest, the 2012 final episode of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy is epic storytelling on a scale that is seldom seen in this genre.

3) Avengers: Age of Ultron ($459 million)

There were question marks over whether this franchise would turn out to be a one trick pony. Yet Age of Ultron managed to build on the success of the first film without simply repeating it. Ultron is a fantastic villain, and the heroes’ determination to save ordinary lives, despite it being terribly unfashionable, provides a unique and likeable tone.

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