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The Mimic

While it’s based on the Korean folktale of a demonic tiger with a talent for impressions, this film is actually a very moving story of a family in mourning. Following the disappearance of their young son, a family moves to a small country village in a desperate attempt to leave their demons in the city. But when she takes in a lost little girl who seems eerily familiar, grieving mother Hee-yeon (A Tale of Two SistersYung Jung-ah) must strive to keep a grip on her family, and her sanity.

Elegantly fusing the anxiety of every parent’s worst nightmare with some truly terrifying scares, The Mimic is a haunting, if somewhat familiar, addition to the Korean horror club.

Having previously written for Junxion17 and The Big Issue, Ben is now a film PR & Marketing Manager. When he's not watching or working on movies, Ben plays guitar in his band Ghosts As Alibis.