Five Famous Firearms From The World Of Film

Harrison Ford as Han Solo, posing with DL-44 blaster

Scaramanga’s Golden Gun – James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun

Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee) is supposedly the best hitman in the world, charging one million dollars per kill. Known as “the man with the golden gun”, he only uses (fictional) 4.2 mm cartridges that he fires from his golden handgun.

Interestingly enough, Christopher Lee is the real-life step-cousin of James Bond creator Ian Fleming, so who better to play the deadliest man in the world?

Behind the Scenes

In the novel of the same name, the Golden Gun was a long-barrelled, gold-plated, single-action Colt Peacemaker .45 calibre revolver. It had silver-jacketed bullets with a gold core.

However – presumably to be more in keeping with the gadget theme of the Bond films – the film gun disassembles into four pieces; a golden cigarette case, lighter, fountain pen and cufflinks as the trigger. The bullet itself is concealed in Scaramanga’s belt buckle during transit and loaded into the cigarette lighter when preparing to fire.

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