Five Famous Firearms From The World Of Film

Harrison Ford as Han Solo, posing with DL-44 blaster

Hellboy’s Good Samaritan – Hellboy

The Good Samaritan, or just the Samaritan as it is referred to in the film adaptations of the comic book, is Hellboy’s signature firearm. Weighing in at 10 pounds and forged from Irish church bells, iron from crucifixes and blessed silver, the gun holds four shots. The bullets are custom-made cartridges that Hellboy builds as a hobby, containing Holy water, garlic cloves and white oak shavings.

The grips are believed to be made of wood from the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified on, and the gun has such incredible muzzle energy it is believed to be capable of breaking a normal man’s arm.

Behind the Scenes

The gun uses a tip-open action similar to a Schofield or Webley action revolver and is capable of firing single or double action. It is believed that the bullets it takes are 22mm.

Where the gun actually stems from is up for debate, but some believe it is a Hollywood-romanticized version of the Gilon revolver, which was chambered in .577 Boxer (also called .577 Webley).

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