Movie Madness: 4 Reasons Why People Still Love Transformers

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In 1984, Hasbro launched its popular Transformers toyline. The innovative action figures, which could switch back and forth between cars and weapons to cool figurines, were an immediate hit. Fast forward three decades and the Transformers phenomenon is still going strong.

To date, the franchise has included the rollout of a comic book and television series as well as a number of Transformers movies, including Transformers: The Last Knight, which was released in June 2017. As Business Insider notes, the fifth installment in the film series is filled with plenty of enjoyable and action-packed moments that might not always make sense — spoiler alert: Optimus Prime turns evil — along with a familiar save-the-world theme.

Whether you love the Transformers movies and merchandise — or could really care less about Optimus Prime and the rest of the gang — you’ve got to admit this popular brand continues to gain new fans all the time. To examine why, let’s check out the following reasons:

1. Fans Love the Cars

One of the best things about the Transformers series is the incredible machines on display, including the cars, helicopters and trucks that transform into robots. The visual effects teams who help create these movies are experts at twisting and turning hunks of metal into characters. While you likely can’t outfit your SUV or sedan to offer these same capabilities, you can still give your ride a cool Transformers-esque vibe.

For instance, the Transformers themselves can perform crazy stunts on any type of road and in any type of weather. With that in mind, you may want to purchase tires that feature a rough and rugged robot look. One great example includes the Falken Wildpeak tires available from a reputable retailer like These Transformer-like tires, which can easily stand up to ice, rain and rough terrain, come in a variety of sizes to fit various types of vehicles.

2. The Bad Guys Rock

Villains are often the most interesting characters in TV shows and movies — and this is definitely the case with the Transformers franchise. As CBR notes, the Transformers movies have done a great job of introducing a number of terrific and compelling villains who are pretty difficult to conquer. From The Fallen, who tried to burn up the sun, and Megatron who cannot stay dead, the bad guys look amazing on the big screen, are super tough and provide audiences with plenty of tense moments.

3. The Supporting Cast is Incredible

The Transformers movies also feature some highly recognizable and accomplished actors. For instance, Jon Voight once appeared as the Secretary of Defense, while Frances McDormand played the director of national intelligence. Meantime, Patrick Dempsey and Kelsey Grammer have both appeared as human villains, and The Last Knight, the franchise’s latest installment, features none other than Sir Anthony Hopkins. Fans of these noted actors may very well purchase tickets to a Transformers movie just to see them flex their acting muscles with robotic bad guys.

4. Optimus Prime is the Bomb

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Yes, the Transformers movies feature great actors. Yes, the rock-em-sock-em visual effects over the years have been awesome. But at the heart of the Transformers franchise is Optimus Prime, who stars as the main character of the series and has been featured in each film. The plots all focus on him, and when he’s on screen, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. In truth, fans can relate to the way Optimus Prime hasn’t always had it easy. Throughout the entirety of the franchise, he’s faced tough times and experienced some faltered confidence, but then rallies back stronger than ever before and is ready to take on the bad guys.

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