Review: Cream


The result of collaboration between French director Clément Oberto and French music producer Mr. Flash, Cream is more art than film. Designed to portray the loneliness and anonymity of life in Los Angeles; Cream has a Melancholic feel. Focusing on a woman eating an ice cream at Santa Monica Beach, Cream builds up to a reveal that nothing happens. As we see more and more of her body interspaced with aesthetic yet lonely wide angle views of the pier, we’re left feeling empty as nothing happens and nothing concludes.

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In typical artistic fashion, director Oberto perhaps adds more meaning to the piece than I can see. Long descriptive lines in the press-pack reveal the meanings Oberto hopes can be seen from the piece, but for me some are difficult to perceive so I would very much suggest feeling free to make your own conclusions as you watch this piece. This really is another beautiful film in the vein of his last piece One Step, delicately paced with a natural feel and absolutely stunning colouring. I’m inclined to say I preferred One Step and found it more interesting, but I can’t deny that this is visually appealing and you can see Oberto’s heritage in music videos shining through this work.

Oberto’s work is ultimately beautiful and meaningful, and is definitely worth a look. Everyone will get something different form his films, and after all, that’s what art is about, but just don’t go looking for a story…it’s not that kind of film.

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