BRWC EXCLUSIVE: Megan Freels Johnston Interview

Megan Freels Johnston

What is The Ice Cream Truck about?

The Ice Cream Truck is about Mary, a mid 30s mom who moves from progressive Seattle to her Suburban Hometown. She moves into her new home alone just ahead of her family to set things up. It’s during this time that Mary notices a strange Ice Cream Truck patrolling the neighborhood and quickly notices all the terrifying things that lurk in the seemingly safe façade of Suburbia.

And would you call it a straight-up thriller?

I love horror, but mostly I love the horror films of the 70s. Somewhere along the line in the horror genre, films like that, which put a focus on suspense over blood and jump scares fell by the wayside. I would say The Ice Cream Truck mixes some genres but it’s mostly a psychological thriller with slasher elements.

Is there another movie you’d say your movie is reminiscent of?

I don’t think there is one movie specifically. I think there are a lot of influences. When putting this film together I used to jokingly describe it as “If Roman Polanski, David Lynch and John Waters had a baby.”

Megan Freels Johnston

Megan Freels Johnston in The Ice Cream Truck

What about the killer? Any influences there? Maybe someone you read about in the newspaper?

There really wasn’t a specific influence for the Ice Cream Man. I feel like the symbolism people picture when thinking of Suburbia is the 1950s and 60s. I wanted the Ice Cream Man to be reminiscent of that time. I wanted him to be like a sarcastic soda jerk. In almost of all my projects, my villains have a voice. I love giving great dialog to the bad guys. It’s so fun to think of what they’d say.

Are you now afraid to buy ice cream from a truck?

The area where I was living in Los Angeles, had Ice Cream Trucks that served real ice cream like cones and banana splits. That seemed so gross to me, so that fear of buying Ice Cream from essentially a van, is what prompted the story. I was always too grossed out to buy the ice cream, unless a craving presented itself!

If you were to buy ice cream, what flavor would you order?

I’m a big fan of Rocky Road. But let’s be honest, I love all ice cream.

Are any of the characters in the film based on people you know? 

I think the representation of Mary is a combination of my friends and I. Most of my friends have kids and I think we all struggle with the feeling of becoming parents and realizing our youth is behind us. I think also as women, we deal with things that are scary that perhaps men don’t have to encounter, such as the Delivery Man.

Do you think we’ll see ‘The Ice Cream Truck 2’?

Hey, if there was an intelligent way to make The Ice Cream Truck 2, I would be all over it! What are the rules of horror sequels, “More deaths, larger body count!” Count me in!

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