25th Raindance Film Festival Launches Programme

Raindance 25th

On the morning of August 15th, the curators of the Raindance Film Festival gathered with members of the press at Vue Leicester Square to announce the programme for the 25th edition of the festival.

‘Discover. Be Discovered’ is the phrase that adorns the festival’s posters. Raindance is a festival dedicated to unearthing hidden gems on the indie scene. As such, the majority of the programme will be unfamiliar to most – and all the better for it. There’s a sense of intrepid adventure to leafing through the programme and picking out films on a whim.

There are a few notable name: Oh Lucy! premiered at this year’s Cannes film festival, and it will open Raindance. Directed by Atsuko Hirayanagi, the film follows a lonely woman living in Tokyo who adopts an American alter ego. It co-stars Josh Hartnett.

Additionally, Laura Schroeder’s Barrage brings international star power to the festival. Another Cannes premiere, it features Isabelle Huppert acting alongside her real life daughter, Lolita Chammah. The two play mother and daughter in a road trip drama about three generations of women.

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The programme is split into several categories: including International Features, Documentary Features, the Discovery Award for Best Debut, and UK Features. Additionally, a selection of short films and web series’ will be screened in different categories.

Oh Lucy!

Oh Lucy!

One of the festival’s most exciting new additions is ten different categories of VR experiences that will run from September 28th – October 1st. Over 40 wildly varying VR experiences will be showcased, including animation, narrative and cinematic experiences.

The films will be judged by an impressive jury filled with industry professionals, including Jack O’Connell, Sean Bean, Christopher Eccleston, Ewen Bremner, Jamie Campbell Bower and composer Rachel Portman.

The 25th Raindance Film Festival runs from September 20th – October 1st 2017. It will take place at Vue Leicester Square. Tickets are open to the public now. The full programme can be found here. More information about the festival can be found here.

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