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Interview With Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner

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No character in Game of Thrones has been through more than Sansa Star. As season seven gets underway, actress Sophie Turner admits its taught her a lot, just now how to make a decent coffee.

The full interview will be available in the August edition of The Red Bulletin and online here.

The Red Bulletin: You started out in Game of Thrones seven years ago when you were 14. What advice would you give to that Sophie Turner today?

Sophie Turner: The same advice Sansa Stark would give to her younger self: wake up. Don’t see the world through rose-tined spectacles. Pay attention and take in what the people around you have to say. You’re going to learn things from all the people you meet. And when the time comes, you’ll be able to put all those lessons you’ve learned to good use.

Did you see the world through rose-coloured spectacles in the past?

No, but I would tell myself: observe and learn. And don’t take anything for granted. There are also other things that I find inspiring about Sansa – in particular, her strength and independence. That motivated me to take control over my career. I want to have more of a say over the direction I take and be more creatively involved in everything I do.

But Sansa started manipulating people in the last series…

And she learned from the best of the best. She’s got to find out who’s loyal to her and who’s not, after all.

“I don’t think Sansa has any desire for the throne. She’s seen how horrible, malicious and sneaky people can be and has no desire to be part of that”

Do you know who you can rely on?

I can read people pretty well. Basically, nobody can get a lie past me. 

How did you learn that?

It’s intuitive. And maybe that also does come from Sansa’s experiences with Littlefinger and from being an actor in general. You know more about the psychology of people, because you study it for hours and hours.

Imagine Sansa ended up on the Iron Throne… Would she make a good ruler?

I think she would, as she’s kept a clear head in spite of all the crap she’s been through. But I don’t think she has any desire for the throne. She’s seen how horrible, malicious, sneaky and disgusting people can be at court, and she has no desire to be part of that. But if she did have to be a leader, she’d make a lot of changes.

You’ll need to get a move on if you want to reign over anyone in Game of Thrones because it all comes to an end next year. Is that an eventuality you’ve prepared for?

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I get scared because I don’t have the safety net of a guaranteed job. But I’m also excited because there’s so much freedom now. And it really motivates me to go out and work on amazing projects just as good as Game of Thrones.

Catch the full interview with Sophie in the next issue of The Red Bulletin and online here.

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