Top 10 Comedy Stars In Doctor Who

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2. Peter Kay – Love & Monsters

When the series returned to TV in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston it was a surprise smash in the ratings and attracted praise from some well-known names. First in the queue to ask for a part was Peter Kay, arguably the UK’s best-loved comedian. Producers obliged and the man from Bolton was cast in Love & Monsters for Series 2. This unusual story divided viewers with its lack of David Tennant, opting instead to focus on Marc Warren’s Elton Pope. Like other characters on this list Pope was an obsessive when it came to the Doctor.

His founding of a group of fellow TARDIS spotters brought him to the attention of Victor Kennedy (Kay), a shady figure who was in fact the Abzorbaloff, a gluttonous alien with a tendency to eat other life forms. Designed by young fan William Grantham, it proved the perfect part for the versatile comic, who got to act both as man and beast. Naturally David Tennant’s Time Lord got the better of his opponent and Kay ended proceedings the way many monsters do, as a puddle of slime.

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