Top 10 Comedy Stars In Doctor Who

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8. Frank Skinner – Mummy On The Orient Express 

Fast forward a couple of regenerations now to Peter Capaldi, who experienced period chills with a futuristic flavour in this 2014 romp. If meeting an ancient Egyptian enemy aboard a space-bound version of the Orient Express wasn’t bizarre enough, he also ran into comedian Frank Skinner, seemingly dressed as a character from Thomas The Tank Engine. Skinner played salt of the earth engineer Perkins and the role was a dream come true for the series’ superfan. His laid-back style provided a strong contrast to the Twelfth Doctor’s intense persona, as the sci-fi-fuelled explanation for the Mummy’s presence became clear.

Actor and fabled comedy improviser John Sessions bulked up the funnyman quota as malevolent computer Gus. Sessions previously portrayed General Tannis in Doctor Who radio production Death Comes To Time alongside Sylvester McCoy. Meanwhile Perkins surprised viewers by refusing a job maintaining the TARDIS, ironic considering Skinner himself would have bitten the Time Lord’s hand off at the chance.

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