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Australian actress Nancy Rizk (Counter Play) tells us about She’s Not So Ordinary, a feature based on a popular literary series that’s currently filming down under.

How did you get the gig in “She’s Not So Ordinary”?

I went in and auditioned with all the other actors that had booked their roles. I had the most chemistry to my character Katie and just gave in to her. I believe my commitment to Katie was stand out

How close to the character in “She’s Not So Ordinary” are you?

Very close. Katie and i share similarities like being the tough/knows what she wants type. She is fearless.

Is there a character in your past that you could relate to more? Who has been the closest to you?

I play really strong and sassy characters so i was able to take a little from each of those roles and create Katie. I find that a lot of the roles i go for are very similar in the sense of strong female types.

Does the film resemble the book?

Yes it does however a few things were altered for the films adaption. Either way it is seriously kick arse in every aspect. It is a must watch.

Nancy Rizk

Nancy Rizk

Where did you film? Did it require you to relocate?

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We have been filming in Melbourne on different locations and are still filming for the next couple of months which is great. I am from Melbourne originally and came back from LA for what was supposed to be a couple of months, but when you book certain roles in your home town it is a brilliant feeling.

How long of a journey has this been for you – from script to release?

Its been so far about a 6 month journey of rehearsals and behind the scenes stuff. We still have a few solid months left.

What do you hope audiences get out of the movie?

That life isn’t always black and white.

Is there a message in the movie?

There is a message in the film however i feel everyone takes their own message for SNSO and any other film they watch. But there most definitely is a clear message.

What can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

Currently I am in ‘wushu’ and ‘kung fu’ training for a film called ‘Black Mask’ where i play the lead detective. I finished season 1 of ‘Counter Play’ where i played the strong and sassy Logan, a private investigator and have season 2 coming this year as well as heading back to LA for a TV Series called ‘ Emergency LA’ where i play JJ a 911 supervisor.  In my down time i am currently in the stages of creating a Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV series

So a very busy year ahead. But i love it.


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