The Top 5 Troma Films

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Troma Entertainment is an American indie film studio that has been running for over 40 years. Known particularly for fun ‘schlock’, Troma has actually had success in a number of different genres although all of their films do have their tongue somewhat in cheek. Troma has become an important mainstay in the indie film sector and it has helped with the early careers of successful creators like Trey Parker, James Gunn and Eli Roth to name a few.
The latest from Troma; Essex Spacebin has been hailed as the most original British film of the modern age, unlike anything put on film before.

The cult narrative of the new movie pushes comedy into uncharted territory as we follow the adventures of the lovable Lorraine Willy, a middle-aged woman who has suffered a life of mental illness. Lorraine believes she has been infused by God with a divine purpose that only she (and an Intergalactic Rasta named Hogan) can fathom. She begins her journey looking for a “star key” – which she believes can help her access a parallel world known as the 7th Realm where she hopes to meet the maker. Will Lorraine herald the existence of a portal to another world?

“The most excited about a Troma Film I’ve been since The Toxic Avenger” said Troma co-founder Lloyd Kaufman.

Essex Spacebin - Final Poster

Essex Spacebin – Final Poster

To coincide with The Prince Charles Cinema’s 18th February Special Troma Q&A and release of Essex Spacebin, we look back at some of the best Troma films so far…

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