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Adele won five awards at the latest Grammy Awards, the biggest music award that took place last Sunday (February 12) in Hollywood Casino, Los Angeles, United States. However, Adele was rooting for her opponent, Beyoncé and stated during her award speech, “The artist of my life is Beyoncé, and this record for me, was bound to be given to ‘Lemonade’, it was monumental,” she said on stage. It was a beautiful action that brought Beyoncé to tears. She was happy and proud at the same time, just like Adele was – maybe many people did not figure that Adele was this much of a fan of Beyoncé.

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After being awarded, Adele showed on the stage a trophy split in two. It spawned rumors on social networks that she would have departed on purpose and given the other half to Beyoncé. But then Adele was seen exchanging the broken prize for another, and not giving the other half to Beyoncé, whom she dedicated her award to. It felt as if we were At the Movies seeing a scene from Mean Girls. This movie is a true icon and millions of people all over the world strongly related the Grammy´s scene to it.

Even Twitter was filled with comments on this attitude of Adele. Many likened the scene to the end of the film “Mean Girls“, in which Lindsay Lohan’s character breaks her prom queen crown to share the prize with other girls at the school. If you would like to have as much fun as everyone else did on the latest Grammy award, you should definitely connect to Mega Jackpot and enjoy all the free games available. What about remembering some of the favorite songs from the award? Play now!

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