8 Great Films To Watch With Your Best Friend

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There’s nothing better than planning a movie night with your best friend. At times, when you need some quality moments with your best friend; clubbing, boozing or dining out are lesser attractive options than watching a beautiful movie that can fit in any kind of mood and helps you bond with your bestie. We have compiled a list of top movies which can be included in your movie marathon:

Mean Girls

This ‘mean’ flick starring Lindsay Lohan is a must watch as it goes into the intricacies of what a teenager typically faces when she joins high school. Cady, played by Lindsay has been home-schooled in her formative years by her parents.  Life turns upside down when she joins the high school where she is lost amongst the cliques and has to choose between her friends and the famous Plastics. Eventually, after a roller coaster ride; like any other flick, she does return to her genuine friends but we don’t mind drama, do we? If you are planning a night stay at your bestie’s place, this is a must-watch.

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