Battleship Potemkin At Regent Street Cinema Needs You!

Battleship Potemkin

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Calling all musicians and non-musicians!  To mark the Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, KINO KLASSIKA, DASH ARTS and INSTANT ORCHESTRA invite you to the opening gala of Kino Klassika’s A World to Win Season and to become part of a live soundtracking event at REGENT STREET CINEMA.

This screening of Sergei Eisenstein’s radical film BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN will have an entirely original soundtrack, devised and created in direct response to the film.

Led by BBC Radio 3 Late Junction presenter Max, with exceptional musicians Elo Masing (violin) and Orphy Robinson (vibraphone), an instant orchestra of musicians drawn from across London – professional and non-professional – will bring a contemporary and thrilling response to an extraordinary piece of Soviet cinema.

Simply arrive with your musical instrument and 6 members of the audience will be picked to join in!

Friday 17th February at 7pm


309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW

Max Reinhardt says: ‘I’m just so excited, delighted and honoured for the Instant Orchestra to be invited to create this live soundtrack to Potemkin. Eisenstein saw his radical montage technique working in line with Marxist dialectic, a perpetual conflict in which a force rocks up against a counterforce to produce a totally new and greater phenomenon (synthesis). The Instant Orchestra is made up of similar dialectics: musician and non-musician; it is a totally, improvised and instant accompaniment to an amazingly complex and iconic film legend’.

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Battleship Potemkin at Regent Street Cinema!

Battleship Potemkin at Regent Street Cinema!

ABOUT THE INSTANT ORCHESTRA: The Instant Orchestra is always formed by whoever turns up to perform on the night. A total lack of rehearsals is our sine qua non. But fear not, it’s never a jam, though improvisation cannot be ruled out or indeed in. We welcome all experienced and totally inexperienced, pro and amateur musicians and wannabe musicians, distinguished virtuosos and people who just have to play but never have before, and everyone in between.

Here’s a taster of what INSTANT ORCHESTRA are all about.

In partnership with OCM.

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