Lesson Before Love: What Will You Learn?

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By Vincent Whittaker.

Dui Jarrod, delivers an outstanding character piece here that fully deserves it’s new DVD release on February 25th. The film tells the tale of 4 stylish, young, black adults, Eric(Kenneth Brown Jr.), Alexis (Shamea Morton), Cullen (Peyton Coles) and Janae(Reece Odum). They’re all single and unsatisfied living their monochromatic lives.

The four individuals decide to meet up for a night on the town but the experience leaves all members searching for answers about who they are and what they truly want out of life. Eric wants to make music and to be with Alexis despite a terrible first meeting, and although he’s a shy reserved guy wants to give her the love she deserves. Alexis wants her perfect man but can’t quite decide what that is, and to lose her virginity that still remains intact due to her intimidating demeanor and good looks. Cullen wants to change the world and show that intelligent black people are under catered for in modern culture by launching a new magazine for that demographic to rival other media that panders to the lowest demographic. Janae is just coming out of a difficult breakup with her fiancée and is trying to find hope that she hasn’t made a mistake.

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As each embark on their journey we’re given a great character study on the nature of relationships and the importance we place on them. They all have to learn what makes them good or bad at love and how having the right people around you can make all the difference to your eventual happiness. The media tends to saturate us with stories of princes and princesses, that love will somehow find you if you’re open to it and that relationships are easy. This film tells it like it is, our own individualities make it hard for love to find us, some relationships don’t work and others take true grit to make them work. It tells of how we often need to learn how to love before we truly can be loved.

The movie itself is beautifully shot and the score is perfect, the songs Eric is working on in the movie really help set the tone and help keep the pace.  The cast all give stellar performances and the script is pitch perfect throughout. This is a truly inspiring piece of film making from the first time director and I’ll be eagerly watching his work going forward. Catch it for yourself and see if you learn any lessons about love.

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