Almost Kings CLIPS

Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to announce the release of Almost Kings, an edgy, coming of age drama centered around a young man following in his destructive brother’s footsteps. Almost Kings asks the question that echoes in every school in America: How far will you go to be accepted?

With their father lost in anger and self-loathing, “Truck” Wheeler has raised his younger brother Ted as best as he could. In return, Ted idolizes his brother. Now, during their one year of high school together, Ted will realize there are troubling aspects to Truck and his party-hard gang, “The Kings.” Seen through the eyes of both brothers, Ted slowly struggles in the allure of “The Kings” and Truck comes to that pivotal point where he must realize if he has what it takes to walk away.

Almost Kings was the winner of the Netflix Find Your Voice Film Competition and screened to acclaim at the Los Angeles Film Festival, the Star Denver Film Festival, and the Cleveland International Film Festival.