SCI-FI-LONDON 11 is almost here.

I’ve looked through and picked out a few highlights from the seven feature-film world premieres, three short-film world premieres, dozens of UK premiere screenings, comedy, live music, docs, competitions and a latex fashion show…

From Fabio & Fabio (Fabio Guaglione, Fabio Resinaro), the makers of the amazing short Afterville, comes TRUE LOVE, directed by Enrico Clerico Nasino.

The movie tells the story of newly-weds Jack and Kate, who both wake up alone in sealed, doorless cells. On the walls, videos are projected revealing parts of each other’s lives. A small monitor asks them questions to which they must push a button to answer Yes or No. However, each answer has consequences and as more questions are asked, more secrets are revealed.
If you like your sci-fi tense, claustrophobic, dramatic and a little bit sinister, then this is for you.

The director and producers will be on-hand for a Q&A following the screening.

HORIZONS – A 30th Anniversary celebration of the ZX Spectrum! MAY 5-6, BFI

So many of today’s creative, technical, and cultural talent are, in one way or another, indebted to the little machine that plugged into the living room telly.  Play some of your favourite games (you’re welcome to bring your Kempston interface and Quickshot II).
There is a variety of speakers and performers over the two days, practical experiments in programming and an extra special look to the future, with the new RASPBERRY PI on hand… Will this innovative, affordable box create a new generation of programmers?

Speakers and performers over the two days, include: Dylan Smith, demonstrating the amazing Spectrum Twitter client. Matt Westcott and his Chiptune music. Matthew C. Applegate (Pixelh8), on how the Spectrum gave birth to a generation of programmers. Leila Johnston, Practical experiments in Basic programming, and MJ Hibbett performing Hey Hey 16k.



A day of talks at BAFTA HQ, on the state of sci-fi filmmaking in the UK.

When you talk about big budget science fiction, successes spring instantly to mind from endless STAR WARS reboots to THE HUNGER GAMES. While this seems superficially encouraging for filmmakers with an interest in the genre, in reality, how relevant is it for UK-based filmmakers when the average UK production spend is £1.2 million and falling?

With that in mind, it’s no wonder UK science fiction is relatively scarce. Yet, where there is a will, there is certainly a way. Digital tools have really brought costs down and films such as MOON, MONSTERS, EXAM and the recent 2012 SxSW low budget hit EXTRACTED, have shown us that it’s good story and clever use of resources that determine the success of a film.

In this event they will ask key writers, directors, designers, producers and distributors working across this genre on the essential creative and business questions about how to get a good mid-to-low budget sci-fi film off the ground. Guests include Neil Marshall, Gareth Edwards, Stuart Hazeldine, Sloane U’Ren and Mia Bays.

There is also ’round table discussions’ on targeting your audience, seamless social media engagement and crowdfunding. Experts include Axelle Carolyn, Kathryn McMann and Stephanie McLaren.

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