What If Zombies Used Google? Review: The Code (2011) REVIEWS

Review by Daisy Victoria Edwards.

A short but sweet take on the modern spoof-horror genre, short film The Code (Mark Blitch) contradicts the predictable ‘vulnerable couple die’ gig and throws technology and some feminist ass-kicking into the mix. Zombies aren’t my speciality although I’m slowly being introduced to the numerous variations so I thought ‘bring it on’.

The short film reveals the gory happenings during Vanna (Tamara Voss) and Chad’s (Daylon Walton) quiet outdoor date after an ambush of ghouls descend. The beasts however are not quite as prepared as some may expect as there seems to be a clash in their schedules. Zombie leader, Shaun (Taylor James Brandt) harbours a certain civilisation to his ways that chainsaw-wielding maniac, Carl (Todd Terry) and ‘douchebag’ vamp, Neil (Ben Cody Rogers) don’t have. Shaun’s obsession with organisation, his Google calendar and the ‘Killing Code’ lead to a gross, bloody mess after Vanna takes things into her own hands.

The film had a nice twist I wasn’t expecting that made me have more faith in the unconventional storyline and I especially loved Brandt’s Ray Romano-esque humour delivery as he literally bored everyone to death.

This short deserves the 11 awards it received at Houston’s Splatterfest festival including ‘Best Kill’ and ‘Audience Favourite Makeup’. 6 minutes of laughs, blood a-plenty and the monsters everyone knows and loves getting their comeuppance.