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> Sauce and the city <<

Sarah Jessica Porker goes brown We know that Justin Timberlake believes mustard to be the king of condiments, but other celebrites have been somewhat slow in making their preferences known. Until now. Sarah Jessica Parker took a late flight out of JFK airport last week and we are pleased to report that, as well as being incredibly nice and taking all of the crew’s names and addresses so that she could send them all pictures, she also eats. SJP requested a bacon sandwich and asked for brown sauce to go with it.

FYI: Kim Cattral was on the same flight – also very nice, but sat “very separately” to SJP.

>> The end of the line <<
Remembering Dennis Hopper

SL writes:
“I was based in Cape Town back in 1997 when
Dennis Hopper was working with Christopher
Lambert filming The Target. I had heard
rumours he was a fan of the local lap
dancing club. In one bar the toilets had
American style doors and the men’s pissoir
was virtually in the bar, so people could
see in very easily. I was told by my man
on the door that Dennis had been trying to
do a line and his noisy snorting action
got him thrown out.

He was 61. RIP Dennis.”
Julian Schnabel did a talk a TriBeCa film festival.
His outfit? Pyjamas and a suit jacket.
More on Miley Cyrus – Movie Buff. She’s been boasting
that her boyfriend has been getting her into “old
movies.” Apparently Liam got her to watch Angelina
Jolie in The Bone Collector.

Alton started BRWC as a bit of fun, and has grown into what you see today, and he can only apologise. Some of the films he loves are Rear Window, Superman 2, The Man With The Two Brains, Clockwise, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Trading Places, Stir Crazy and Punch-Drunk Love.