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Marion Ravenwood Chat

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Q: Were you willing to do this film with these people no matter what or were you particular about the story and how they brought you back ?

Allen: I don’t even know how to answer that question because I think it’s like all of the above. To have an opportunity to work with Steven and Harrison and George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall again was just too wonderful. As these rumors kind of persisted over the years and there were these hints that kept getting dropped that they were trying to do another film and yes, maybe they wanted my character to come back into the story – I’d hear that and then I wouldn’t hear anything for a long time. I never heard it from anyone…At one point when they released the four DVD packages of the film which I think was four or five years ago, the way that they decided to do it was to get Kate Capshaw, myself and Alison Doody together out here in L.A. and do it as the women of the “Indiana Jones” series. We were going to promote the DVDs. Frank was there and Harrison stopped by and we were kidding around with them: “Is there going to be another one and if so who’s going to be in it?” Frank was like “I’m not saying anything – wink, wink, wink.” So I never really knew what their plans were or how it would turn out, and I think that when Steven called me to tell me that they had written me into the character and that it was not just a cameo, but that they’d really written me a major in the story I think that my first feeling was like, “I’m there!” Then I think it was a couple of weeks before I was going to get a chance to read the script and then a little bit, although with Steven and George and Harrison – it’s not that you worry whether or not it’s going to be good. You know it’s going to be good. They spent however many years trying to get a script that they were all happy with and Steven sounded very, very happy about the outcome of the script when I talked to him. So I knew it would be a wonderful script. But I think there’s that sort of thing where you feel a little self-protective about your character so there’s a bit of trepidation, like, “Ugh, what if I read it and I don’t like what they’ve done with my character?” I think there was a little of a concern that I would be disappointed or that I might not the decisions they had made for where she goes from there. When I sat down to read the script all of that just fell away from the moment that she came into the story and when I saw where it was going and what they had done. I was just so knocked out by it. Then when we got to the end of the story and I saw that they had Indy and Marion get married I was crying. I was really just so touched. I thought “Oh, my God, this is really very special. They’ve really decided to bring these characters together in a major way. They really allowed them to fall in love with each other.”

Above is a Q and an A swiped from an interview with the always lovely (and underused) Karen Allen.

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